Train The Trainer Exemption


What is Train The Trainer Exemption? 

"Train The Trainer" Exemption is when a trainer is being exempted from attending the  "Train The Trainer" PSMB programme for having met the conditions required (Refer to Training Providers Circular Nos. 4/2009 & Guidelines)


What are the criteria for Train The Trainer Exemption application?

As stated in the Training Providers Circulars No. 3/2006 and No. 1/2007, exemptions may be considered if trainers meet one of the following criteria :-

(a) Trainers who possess one of the following certificates or qualifications:

i.   Teacher Training Certificate from Government Teacher's Training College;

ii.  Diploma or Degree or Master in Education from recognized government institutions;

iii.  Trainer Certificate from Centre for Instructor and Advance Skill Training (CIAST);

iv.  Vocational Trainer Certificate endorsed by Department of Skills Development;

v.  Certificate in Training and Development (CITD);

vi. Certified Training Professional Certificate (Institute of Training and Development); and

vii. Trainers who have earned the title of Professorship from institutions of higher learning.

(b) Trainers who have attended other TTT programmes where the  programme is similar to PSMB TTT Programme curriculum structure; and

(c) Trainers who have five years or more experience in training and have conducted at least 25 training sessions.


How to submit Train The Trainer Exemption application?

Train The Trainer Exeption application has to be submitted via online through PSMB website (


How much is the processing fee?

The processing fee is RM300. This payment is non-returnable in the event the application is not successful.


Are there any certificate will be issue by PSMB?

Yes, for successful application, the applicant should receive e-certification via email.