SME Training Partner

1. What is SME Training Partners Scheme (SMETAP)?

The Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Training Partner Scheme is the training programmeorganised by PSMB in collaboration with training provider to offer training program especially to registered employer. Training programme offered under SMETAP included functional and upskilling. The course fee will be debited from employers' levy balances.


What is the objective of the SMETAP Scheme?

The objective of SMETAP Scheme is to equip SME employees with the specialised skills in the following scope:

  • Specialised training programmes that are not widely available in the market.
  • Training programmes in Human Resources Management.
  • Training programmes that enhance the skills of internal trainers in conducting in-house training
  • Upskilling training programmes.
3. What is the direct debit mechanism?

Direct debit mechanism is when training fees will be paid directly to training providers who are approved partners and the amount would be debited from the employers' levy accounts in accordance with procedures prescribed. This would benefit employers, as no upfront payment needs to be incurred.

4. How should I get information about programmes offered under SMETAP Scheme?

The information about the programmes under SMETAP Scheme can be obtained from PSMB website,

5. How do I register the programme?

PSMB will circulate training brochure and email blast to registered employers from time to time. Interested employers are required to complete application forms and send it to PSMB by email or fax. Registration forms must be submitted before the stipulated closing date. Approval letter will be given to employers with duly filled application.

6. Where can I find the registration form?

The registration form is available on our website on SMETAP Scheme or you could contact directlywithus for the services.

7. Where will this programme be held?

Generally, the programme will be held at Wisma HRDF Damansara Height Kuala Lumpur or the venue stated in the brochure. PSMB reserves the right to make changes to the venue and will inform the respective employers on the changes.

8. What should I do if I did not receive any response from PSMB within one week before the training commence?

You are advised to contact the secretariat to check the status of the training programme if there is no response from PSMB within one week before the training commence.

9. Is the programme open for non-HRDF registered company?

Yes. The SMETAP programme is open for non-HRDF company too.

10. What is the method of payment for non-HRDF employer?

Payment must be made by Bank Draft or by chequeand should be crossed and made payable to "PEMBANGUNAN SUMBER MANUSIA BERHAD". Please bring the cheque or Bank Draft upon registration.

11. Is In-House training available under SMETAP Scheme?

Yes. In-House training is available under SMETAP Scheme based on employer's request.

12. Other than course fee, what can I claim after attending the SMETAP training scheme?

Employers will only be eligible to claim for trainees' daily allowances and airfares (if any). Employers are required to complete the claim forms and submit to PSMB.

13. Where can I find the SMETAP Claims Form?

Claims form PSMB/STP/T1/07 will be distributed during end of the training sessions and employers are required to complete and submit the forms to PSMB upon the completion of the course. The claim forms can also be downloaded from PSMB website.

14. What are the allowable costs that I can claim?

The allowable costs that employer can claim are as follows:

  • Daily allowance
    • > 70 km – RM400 per day per trainee (including hotel accommodation)
    • < 70 km - RM150 per day per trainee.
  • Air ticket (if applicable).
15. Is the SMETAP Programmecollaborating with government Training Provider?

Yes. Some of the SMETAP Programmes are in collaboration with Government Training Provider such as Industrial Training Institutes (ILP), Centre for Instructor and Advanced Skill Training (CIAST), Advanced Technology Training Centre (ADTEC) and National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) under SME Training Partners (SMETAP) Scheme. These programmes are mostly technical base which will improve workers skills level and at the same time increase company productivity.

16. I have registered for the programme, can I cancel my registration?

Cancellation is only allowed before PSMB issued the confirmation letter. However, replacement is acceptable.

17. Does the programmes offered is limited seats and based on "first come first basis"?

Yes. The training places are limited and based on "first come first basis".

18. Do PSMB provide online application for SMETAP Scheme?

For the time being, only manual application is acceptable.

19. What if I failed to complete the programme?

Participant will need to complete at least 75% of the programme then only will be given the certificate. Anyone who participate less than 75% will not be given the certificate.

20. How often are SMETAP training programs offered/conducted?

Frequency of the training programmes can be referred as per training calendar in PSMB portal.

21. Are there any prerequisites for the training programs?

It depends on the programmes. You can find details from the brochure.

22. Do I have to prepare anything to attend the trainingprogramme?

No. All the materials will be prepared by the training providers. If there is any special request, it will be notified to the participants prior the training programme.