What is the definition of recruitment? 

Recruitment Is A Process Of Finding And Attracting Capable Applicants For Employment. The Process Begins When New Recruits Are Sought And Ends When Their Applications Are Submitted. The Result Is A Pool Of Applications From Which New Employees Are Selected.

2. What is the definition of selection?

Selection is the process of putting right men on right job. It is a procedure of matching organizational requirements with the skills and qualifications of people. Effective selection can be done only when there is effective matching. By selecting best candidate for the required job, the organization will get quality performance of employees.

3. What is the process of recruitment?

Generally, It has seven process involved in the recruitment process:

  • Identify vacancy
  • Prepare job description and person specification
  • Advertising the vacancy
  • Managing the response
  • Short listing
  • Arrange interviews
  • Conducting interview and decision making
4. Where to find the sources for recruitment?

Generally, the HRM Function recognizes two main sources of candidates for the job positions: internal and external sources of candidates.

The internal recruitment sources are very important, but they cannot be used to fill every vacancy in the organization. It is very important to realize, that in many organization, the internal recruitment is divided into two separate processes: internal recruitment and promotions. The promotion is the move of the employee when the organization initiates the whole process. The real internal recruitment is than a move of the employee initiated by the employee him or herself. Example of internal recruitment is transfers, promotions, upgrading, and demotion.

The external recruitment sources bring job candidates from the external environment using different techniques. The oldest, but still pretty efficient is a newspaper job advertisement. Many HRM Professionals do not believe in the power of the newspaper advertising, but for many jobs it is still one of the best techniques with the best cost/income ratio. Example of external recruitment is press advertisements, Educational institutes, Placement agencies / outsourcing, Employment exchanges and employee referrals.

5. What is the information should be in an employee requisition form?
  • Is the position a new one or a replacement for an employee who has left.
  • The job designation
  • The job grade
  • Department and location
  • The salary range
  • When the position must be filled
  • Who is the hiring manager
  • The position description, including job description, competency and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Academic qualifications required for the job
  • Experience required
  • Specific skills that cannot be compromised
  • Any other specific requirements that is pertinent to the job
  • Internal sourcing or external sourcing
  • Newspaper recruitment or through recruitment agency or head hunter
  • Costs of recruitment
  • Relevant parties to verify and sign off the requisition.
6. What is selection method?

A variety of methods are available and consideration need to be given as which are suitable for a particular post. The methods described here are:

  • Application forms and CVs
  • Online screening and shortlisting
  • Interviews
  • Psychometric testing
  • Presentations
  • Group exercises
  • Assessment centers
7. What are the methods to source for employees?

There are various methods to source for employees. There are:

  • Newspaper and magazines
  • Web-based recruitment agency
  • Company's own website
  • Jabatan Tenaga Kerja
  • Employment agencies
  • Banners on recruitment
  • Headhunters
  • Social Media 
8. What selection options can I use to find the best applicant?

There are a number of options you can use to help you find the right person for the role and which will help you build evidence to support your decision. There are:

  • Preliminary Interviews: It is used to eliminate those candidates who do not meet the minimum eligibility criteria laid down by the organization. The skills, academic and family background, competencies and interest of the candidate are examined during preliminary interview. Preliminary interviews are less formalized and planned than the final interviews. The candidates are given a brief up about the company and the job profile and it is also examined how much the candidate knows about the company. Preliminary interviews are also called screening interviews.
  • Written test : Variuos written tests conducted during selection procedure are aptitude test, intelligence test, reasoning test and personality test. These tests are used to objectively assess the potential candidate. They should not biased.
  • Medical examination : Medical tests are conducted to ensure physical fitness of the potential employee. It will decrease chances of employee absenteeism.
9. What are the factors to consider in a selection interview plan?
  • Ensure the availability of the interviewers
  • Ensure all documents, forms and information are ready
  • Ensure clear understanding of the position description in question
  • A summary of candidates selected for interviews
  • Knowledge of company's practices, terms and conditions of service
  • Tests and questionnaires
  • Assignment of tasks to various staff involved in the selection process
  • Schedules
10. What is the function of Jabatan Tenaga Kerja ?

The Jabatan Tenaga Kerja of the Ministry of Human Resources has many offices in major cities and towns throughout the country where it provides recruitment service to potential employers and employees. It vast network can help companies to recruit potential employees at no cost to both company and the candidates. Their most popular product is JOBMALAYSIA.com

11. Can we do reference checks on the candidates?
Reference checks on the candidates depending on the level or duties of the position. It can be used by Hiring Officer to review those reports when considering the final hiring decision. But the information from the background and/or reference check should not be shared with the panel to prevent bias toward a candidate.

May I contact referees who are not nominated by the applicant?
Non-nominated referees can be contacted for verification purpose but need to ensure the natural justice, procedural and privacy legislation are complied with.

13. What is the Government Policy on employing foreign workers?
The Government of Malaysia policy on employing foreign workers is to ensure that local workers are given priority in terms of any employment opportunities. However, employment of foreign employees from selected countries is permitted in certain sectors of the economy. There are 5 approved sectors for hiring foreign workers:-
  • Manufacturing
  • Plantation
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Services
14. How to employ members of the same family?
Ensure that no employees are involved in any way in the recruitment of family members. Meanwhile, no employees may have a reporting relationship whether direct or indirect to another family member. In practice, this means that family members do not work in the same department.
15. What are the factors influencing in making decisions on recruitment?
  • Consider related weightings and importance of the different requirements before trying to evaluate the candidates
  • Think about things that can be learned vs. competencies
  • Consider the risks involved in appointing a particular candidate
  • Make simple notes of your decisions in terms of why you select and why you did not select
  • Agree terms and conditions of employment
16. How to do the selection?
After the final interview, panel members should compare their ratings and judgements (any scoring system agreed prior to the interviews) amongst themselves. It is preferable to review candidates and their performances immediately after the interview process whilst the information is still fresh in the minds of the panels. All discussion should be supported by assessment evidence not just personal impression. Candidates should be rated against the agreed and specified criteria and not against each other.
17. What are the common interviewer errors?
Even experienced interviewers can make basic mistakes that undermine interview usefulness. Some of these are as follows:
  • Hasty Judgments: Interviewers sometimes make hasty decisions about candidates during the first few minutes of the interview. Even worse, some interviewers have been known to make their mind up before the interview process on the basis of application forms and personal appearance of the candidates.
  • Poor knowledge of the job: Interviewers must know the job and what sort of candidate will best suit it. The more job knowledge an interviewer has, the more likely the interview would go well.
  • Negative Perception: Interviewers seem to have a consistent bias towards the negative in that they appear to be influenced by unfavorable rather than favorable information.
  • Order of interview (recency): Sometimes the order in which candidates are interviewed may affect how they are rated.
18. Do we get any advantage from government when recruiting handicap/disability employees?
Employer who employs the handicap/disability employee will entitle for incentives of double tax deduction from government.
19. What are the effects to HR on personal data protection act 2010 (PDPA 2010) towards personal data and information given by candidates?
In the process of recruitment, employers must comply with the Data Protection Provisions (PDPA) in respect of such personal data which related to the collection, use, disclosure and retention of the personal data in their control, including data of job applicants. Employers should ensure that the policies and practices they develop and implement will enable them to meet their obligations under the PDPA during recruitment processes.

What are the available tools in the market in accessing candidates in terms of his personality traits?
There are a few tools in the market in accessing personality traits of candidates. The most popular tools are as follows:-

a)    Personality and Preference Inventory (PAPI)
PAPI is a personality measure which was specifically designed to elicit behaviours and preferences which are appropriate to the workplace. It gives interviewer the power to explore an individual's personality and behaviours in order to assess their suitability for a role or team. There are a range of reports available that include hints and tips to help HR professionals and Line Managers prepare structured interviews and ask focused questions. This helps facilitate frank and open conversations, as interviewers explore the results and offer candidates the opportunity to respond to them.

b)    Myers-Briggs Test
The Myers-Briggs assessment is a series of questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions. Candidates can be evaluated among 16 different personality types to find which the best suits with them. The test can be used for better personal understanding or in the work environment.
c)    Big Five Factors
The Big Five Personality Traits Model measures five key dimensions of people's personalities;  
 i) Openness - This measures the level of creativity, and desire for knowledge and new experiences.
ii) Conscientiousness – This looks at the level of care candidates take in their life and work.
iii) Extraversion/Introversion – This dimension measures the level of sociability
iv) Agreeableness – This dimension looks at the level of friendliness and kindness to others.
v) Natural Reactions – This measures the level of emotions.

21. Why Recruitment is important?
Recruiting the right people is a key component of a successful organization. How well employees perform their jobs is a major factor in determining how successful an organization will be. In order to select the right person, companies must properly invest enough time in thinking about the right Knowledge, Skills, Attributes and Behaviors they need in their employees. Select the right person to fit the job.
22. What is Talent Management?
Talent Management can be defined as a strategic process that involves managing staff recruitment, retention and retirement to meet the organization‘s business goals.
23. How to renew the Foreign Worker permit?
The foreign worker permit can be renew through Malaysian Electronic-Government (MyEG) Services or at Immigration Department of Malaysia.
24. What criteria of an effective job advertisement?

For advertisements to be effective, they must cover several essential elements which are:

  1. Attention: To attract a sufficient number of suitable candidates, the advertisements should have an attention-grabbing headline that reflects the image and culture of the organization (even if it is being advertised without branding for confidentially reasons).
  2. Interest: The interest in joining organization is created by providing accurate information about the job and the organization. The advertisement should describe the qualifications, skills, abilities, knowledge and personal characteristics required for the job. It should also give a range for salary as candidates do not want to waste their time as well as the organization time.
  3. Desire:   The advertisement should create the desire for the reader to apply for the job by clearly expressing why employment with the organization is advantageous.
Action: The advertisement must provide the potential applicant with clear instructions on how to take action to apply for the job. This may require a contact name and number to acquire further information, including an application package and an email address and/or postal address to send the application. 
25. What are the tips for interviewers?
  • Write down a list of questions that directly relate to the job's responsibilities
  • Ask behavioral questions
  • Review the candidate's resume before the interview.
  • Outline the interview structure for the candidate.
  • Don't talk too much during the interview process
  • Watch nonverbal signals.
26. Why orientation programme is important to new recruits?
Orientation Programme is organized for new employees at the beginning of their employment in order to provide them with the information they need, as well as getting them up to speed on how the organization works. It is important for new employees to have a brief of information of the company and understand the organization culture. The information usually covers an overview of the company (Business Operations, Organization Structure, Company History, etc.), Company Policies, Terms and Conditions of Employment, Disciplinary Action, Dress Code, Information concerning Jobs, Training and Development, Systems and procedures relevant to employee's task.
27. What is a headhunter?
Headhunter can be define as an individual hired by a company to locate a suitable candidate with a specific skill set.
28. What are the benefits of induction?
  • Can achieve significant cost savings by reducing the anxieties of new employees
  • Fosters positive attitude, job satisfaction and a sense of commitment at the start of the employment relationship.
  • Reduce the likelihood of new employees quitting before they feel bonded to the organization.
  •  Reduce labor turnover costs.
  • Improve organizational profitability and competitiveness.
29. What is the selection process?

The selection process involves evaluation, decision making and measurement of an applicant potential. These components make more sense if they are considered in following way:

  1. Measurement: is used to ensure that selection tests are reliable and valid and that the questions asked have an inbuild capacity to rate candidate both in terms of the criteria and in relation to their performance against other candidates.
  2. Decision-making: combining information about a person to make a hiring decision and ensuring that all panelists in the process understand the criteria, bring no institutional or personal bias to decision making and are clear on how to use the responses to rate candidate.
  3. Evaluation: making sure that hiring decisions and the processes used to increase the efficiency and deliver the objectives of the organization.