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The HR Solutions are mainly HR advisory, guidance and consultancy services provided to business owners and HR personnel in SMEs. In managing their organisations, business owners may face human resource issues that might have certain implications to the financial aspect of the company especially related to payroll, bonus and benefits. As for the HR managers, officers or personnel, they might be facing day-to-day HR issues such as disciplinary problems, hiring and firing which they are uncertain of the proper way to handle the issues. If dealt wrongly, they can face consequence of non-compliance to the existing acts and regulations related to employment and industrial relations.

HR Solutions are the answer. To fully maximise the benefits from HR Solutions, SMEs can utilise one or more of the following levels of services:

  • Level 1 – SME employers can seek information about HR issues, HR training and HR events through the NHRC Portal In this portal, employers can go to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), participate in online forum on different HR topics, or view and download any HR information at no cost. Employers can also interact with our NHRC advisors through live chat. Here, they can ask any HR questions. By registering with the NHRC Portal, the employers can login and access for free;

  • Level 2 – To seek immediate advice or guidance on HR issues, SME employers can interact directly with the NHRC advisors by calling our toll free Call Centre number at 1800-88-4800. The Call Centre can be accessed from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 a.m. until 5.00 p.m. Alternatively, employers can e-mail their questions to or just walk-in to Wisma HRDF during office hours; and

  • Level 3 – Sometimes SME may face major HR system, HR process, structure or people issues and require HR experts to assist them. The HR Solutions offers HR Consultancy. We have appointed HR consultants who are ever ready to provide solutions to employers with minimal fees. Employers can choose any preferred consultant from among our appointed consultants. 

In summary, HR Solutions offer three levels of services as follows: 
LEVELS Level 1 Level 2 Level 3


Provide understanding mechanism related to the requirements of respective legislations Provide basic consulting on correct applications and issues resolution  Provide outsourcing capabilities 
Method of Delivery


Refers to the information and advice available via NHRC Portal
using the different modes as follows:
  1. FAQs
  2. Email
  3. Forum
  4. Live chat
  5. Knowledge Centre


Refers to the advice, guidance or response available through Call Centre 1800-88-4800 (toll free number) either via:
  1. Telephone
  2. Walk-in


Refers to the comprehensive consultation on instituting various HR programmes in the enterprise either by NHRC itself or appointed consultants via:
  1. HR Solution Workshop.