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2018-01-26 08:30:00.0
2018-01-26 08:30:00.0

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Some business owners may not deeply understand what is human resource management and the true benefits behind it. NHRC was established to help and give Small and Medium Enterprises in the country an opportunity to experience a wider aspect of the whole situation.  NHRC recognizes the importance of human resource management in every organisation and offers a multimedia feature in their portal consisting of video HR tips. Through NHRC global human resource management portal, business owners and HR personnel can fully utilize NHRC services by viewing the online tips in slideshows or tutorial videos offered. NHRC human resource training interactive videos will definitely be useful to practice in the office as if managed wrongly; organisations can face consequences of non-compliance of the employment and industrial regulations. Videos from interview recruitment process, work ethics and employee matters, your organisation can apply the knowledge learnt without ever taking a wrong step.   

The multimedia page is provided to assist HR personnel in handling various situations and problems from financial matters to disciplinary actions in the work environment with ease. SME owners can register at NHRC site to enjoy multiple selections of video HR tips and online lessons to practice strategic human resource management in their company. Managing human resource may seem like an easy task but a without proper HR department training in human resource management, the organization will be facing a lot of negative issues throughout the years.