Training Grant

Q1.      How to apply for Joint Training Scheme

A1.    Joint Training Scheme enables several employers, particularly SME's company to jointly appoint the training provider to conduct training for their employees. Joint Training Scheme consists of organizer which refers to employer who organizes the training and participant refers to the participating employer. Joint Training Scheme classified as in-house training therefore the number of trainee for soft skill should not exceed 35 per batch for one trainer or 40 trainees for 2 trainers if the type of training is technical the maximum number of trainees must not exceed 25 trainees for one trainer.

The organizer employer will determine the type of programme required, training provider and venue for the training. Moreover, organizer employer responsible for determining the cost per employee to enable participating employer to claim the allowable cost incurred upon the completion of training.

First steps, organizing employer must submit application online together With Joint Training Scheme letter, quotation, trainer profile and course content. Kindly be informed Joint Training Scheme letter must be prepared by organizing employer which included all the list of participating employer together with their employee details of course fees for each employer. To submit the application kindly:

Log In>Application> Grant>Apply Grant>Scheme SLB> Organizer

Second steps, after the grant have been approved the grant ID will be emailed to ETRIS inbox of participating employer for them to proceed For apply grant .Kindly attach application together With Joint Training Scheme letter, quotation, trainer profile and course content. To submit the application, kindly:

Log In>Application> Grant>Apply Grant> Scheme SLB> participant

Q2.      How to Change of Training Date

A2.      Employer is only allow to change training date if the change of training date is in the future and the new date is in the same year as the actual date of training in grant application.

For scheme SBL, SBL KHAS and SLB the amendment of the changes of training date can be made with the claim application. For Other scheme the employer must request for Grant modification for changes date of training.

Kindly be informed for all schemes if the training date not in the same year as actual approved date means delayed to the next year the employer must withdraw the Grant application and submit the new one.

Q3.      How to apply for Grant Modification

A3.     Employer can request for Grant modification after the grant already approved by grant officer. Kindly apply for grant modification before proceed with the claim application and employer can only request for modification within one month after the date of grant approved.

If the claim have been submitted, kindly withdraw the claim application before apply   for grant modification.

To request for grant modification, please:

Log In> Application >Grant>Modification>Grant Approved ID

If the modification already approved kindly proceed to modify the approved grant in the ETRIS. Kindly:

Log In> Application >Grant>Modification

Q4.      How to Withdraw and Cancel Grant

A4.    The employer can request to withdraw or cancel the grant application which has been submitted via online. Employer can Request for Withdraw grant if the application status still pending or submitted as the grant not yet process by the grant officer. Application for withdraw grant must be submitted via online, kindly:

Log in> Application> Grant> Withdraw> Grant ID

If the grant status has been approved, reject or have been query by grant officer the employer cannot withdraw the grant application as the Grant officer have been process the application and The Employer must opt to request for cancel the grant   application. Application for cancel grant must be submitted online, kindly:

Log in> Application> Grant >Cancel> Grant ID

Q5.     How to apply for Grant Appeal

A5.     Grant appeal refer to situation in which employer fail to apply grant before training and request to appeal for grant application for that training. The employer must    refer to grant officer before proceed with the application and the grant appeal only allowed for SBL scheme Kindly make manual application, download training grant  form from HRDF portal, Home>Resources> Training Grant Application>        PSMB_PGL_14_2014.

Fill up the manual form and enclosed together with quotation, trainer profile and course content.

Kindly be informed  Employer must submit the application together with the formal letter using company letterhead  to Mr Mohamad Za'ba bin Mohamad Zaham General Manager of Grant Division and the letter must explain the valid reasons why   the employer fail to submit grant application before that training. The application must be courier to PSMB Headquarter.

If the application of appeal approved, the appeal ID will be directly email to the Employer ETRIS Inbox. The Employer can proceed with grant application online for that training using this appeal ID. Kindly be informed the appeal ID can only be used once. Application for grant for that training must be submitted online, kindly:

Log in>Application>Grant>Apply Grant>Scheme>Grant Appeal ID

Q6.      What is maximum eligibility amount for ALAT scheme?

A6.     The maximum eligibility for ALAT Scheme is 30% of total levy contributed for the previous year. The employer can only use the total of that 30% for the all application under ALAT Scheme for that whole year.

The sample is as per below:

Q7.      What is the maximum eligibility amount for ITS SCHEME?

A7.      The maximum eligibility for ITS Scheme is 20 % from current levy balance at the time of application and the following application in the same year will use the remaining of eligibility amount.

The sample is as per below:


Q8.      How many types of training under FWT Scheme?

A8.      There are only two types of training allowed under FWT Scheme:

i) In- House Training:

Training conducted by internal trainer or registered HRDF training provider with the maximum of 20 trainees for one batch. For external trainers,  they must posses TTT Certification or TTT exemption certified from HRDF.

ii) Public Training:

Employers are only allowed to send the trainee for full time certification programme.

Q9.      What is the maximum duration for FWT Scheme if conducted in house?

A9.      The maximum duration for in-house training under FWT Scheme can only be conducted for one year.

Q10.    What are the criteria and maximum trainee For OJT scheme? 

A10.    OJT Scheme must be conducted in- house by company personnel who is a skilled worker or supervisor to the trainee with ratio at 1 trainer to 1 trainee and 1 trainer to 4 trainees.